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  • I offer my services to everyone regardless of prior knowledge and ability. The service is aimed at beginner and intermediate students. 

  • My lessons are best suited to learning modern and contemporary styles of music such as pop and rock.

  • My lessons are always fun, relaxed and informal!

  • We work on a lesson by lesson basis tailored to each voice and work towards a goal of recording each song once nailed!

  • I operate 7 days a week and up to 8.30pm in the evening. Sometimes this depends on availablity.

  • Parents/students will receive a written summary by email after each lesson, detailing areas covered and areas to give further thought, along with helpful tips and homework.

  • I offer lessons from my home address (OX25 1TE).

  • I am flexible and understand that we all have busy lives and occasionally need to rearrange.

  • Lessons touch on all the basic elements of the singing voice: Breath support, vocal range, vocal registers, projection, mouth shapes, vowel sounds, embellishments, pitch, tone, crescendos, vibrato, tension, posture, belting, feeling the floor and belting. 

  • You will have the option to partake in and receive a professionally recorded and edited music video using a song of your choice once you are ready. The example below is of one of my fabulous young students doing that very thing for the music element of her DoE award!


Lesson Prices:

£40p/h - Adults

£35 p/h - Under 16's


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